Your photographer may arrange some initial meetings or calls to go over the details of your wedding. They can do their best work for you if they know as much as possible about what’s happening throughout your day.

It can be useful if you have a timeline that covers the key moments of the day. They may also send you a short questionnaire with your contract, that confirms the date and location of the wedding, and covers things like your contact details. They will also check details like addresses for getting ready shots.

We normally have a quick call at the time of booking, but then we chat more as we get closer to the date.

We can also arrange a visit to the venue to go through the locations together.

We’re able to just turn up at a wedding and “do our thing” so the couple don’t need to think about anything. However, having some meetings beforehand can give couples the chance to let us know anything that’s important to them about the wedding, if they want to.

This can include any unusual events or any key people, groups or relationships to be aware of. You can also discuss any particular pictures or styles that you love.