The work that your photographer does begins before the big day and continues afterwards.

They would normally schedule time for meetings with you, in person and over the phone, to discuss your plans. They would plan out their day based on your priorities, and communicate the locations and timelines to a second photographer if you’re booking one.

They may visit the venue with you, to look at the main locations, if that fits in with your schedule.

If you’re having an engagement shoot they’ll research location ideas for you, and come up with shot ideas, ready for the shoot itself. Then they would do the actual shoot, edit the photos and upload the final collection.

They would stay in touch leading up to the big day, to make sure that all the details and timings haven’t changed.

They would normally arrange another catch up close to the wedding to confirm everything.

The day before the wedding they would be preparing all the little details, like charging batteries, printing timelines, packing bags and preparing memory cards. Depending on the location they may travel nearby the night before.

On the day itself they would normally arrive early to the venue or the location for getting ready.

Then it’s normally all-go, non-stop until the evening, making sure they are in the right place at the right time, with all the gear set up, to make the couple and the guests look awesome!

After travelling home, they would normally begin by backing up your images safely from all the different memory cards

Then they would begin the process of editing the pictures, to make sure that everything is consistently finished in terms of cropping, brightness, filters, colours and lots of other little details.

This can take days for hundreds (sometimes over a thousand) images.

They will also remove any images that are out of focus, plus any test shots to check lighting, or any that have people blinking.

Then they will upload the finished images for viewing and begin work on the image selection and designs for any album layout.

Finally, they’ll package up and arrange delivery for anything that needs to be posted out as part of your package, such as prints or albums.