A photograph of the all your wedding guests is a great way to remember the people that attended.

One of the amazing aspects of a wedding is seeing all the random combinations of people that come from different parts of your life. For example, your distant relatives dancing with your workmates or your in-laws chatting to your school friends. So it’s a great opportunity to capture everyone all together.

Some great locations for this are places where the crowd can be arranged on different levels, such as steps in front of the venue, or places where the photographer can shoot down to get everyone’s faces from above.

The venue coordinator will probably have some good ideas for locations, both indoors and out.

This shot is best arranged for a time when it can be announced to the guests. This can be straight after the ceremony or the wedding breakfast.

Of course, staging a big photo like this may not be for you. Again, if that’s the case just let your photographer know.