A list of up to ten group photos is easy to manage and doesn’t take too long for your guests. We do shoot larger lists, but please allow enough time to assemble people and take the shots.

Please also make sure that you’ve briefed your friends and family who will be helping out.

It will also help if you can shoot the pictures in a specific order. Then the photographer will be clear on where you are in the list.

If you have any family members who are infirm it can help to get their shots out of the way first, so that they aren’t waiting too long. Or, if you can, arrange the shoot somewhere with some seating nearby so that they can have a rest.

Also, if you have any family members in wheelchairs it can help to have some seats if you’d like other people in the shots to be sat down. These can be lawn chairs or something similar.

Of course, you don’t have to have any group photos, and not everyone does.

You can get amazing candid photos of your guests just having fun throughout the day, interacting and relaxing naturally.