If you’re having a traditional wedding it can be difficult to decide on the details of men’s clothes.

Plus it can be a challenge to choose gift ideas for grooms and ushers.

Here are 11 ideas to help!

1. Pocket Watch

Engraved to mark the occasion, this is a great gift to commemorate the date of your big day.

2. Cuff Links

You’ve basically got unlimited options here for a personalised gift, so go crazy!

3. Wearing a Tuxedo

The theme for this wedding was a cocktail party with Bond-style dinner wear.

It was an evening wedding in the winter, so this style suited the time of day (and the party afterwards!)

4. Wearing a Kilt

A traditional classic for Scottish grooms.

5. Wearing a Uniform

For anyone in the forces this is an amazing-looking option.

6. Wearing a Top Hat

These look great for grooms as part of a traditional outfit.

7. Notebook Gift

A personal message here is a great way to share an important message.

8. Ring Box

There’s no way the best man could lose these.

9. Page-Boy Sign

If you’re looking for the ultimate in cuteness then observe:

10. Button-hole Flowers

A timeless and classic option.

11. Cigars

There comes a time in the day when it just has to be done.

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