Not everyone books special transport for their wedding. But if you’re considering it then these ideas could be useful inspiration.

1. Camper Van

As well as looking great, camper vans are useful for when you’ve got a few members of the wedding party to transport.


2. Classic Car

Ok, this one’s a bit obvious. But you just can’t go wrong…











3. A Tesla

This Model X is a favourite with the boys!



4. The Groom’s Car

If the groom is a car fan then you can dress up his pride and joy!


5. Bus

This is a great idea if you’ve got loads of guests to move around on the day. And a great place for the festivities to continue!



6. Limousine

This has to be one of the most fun ways to travel.



7. Luxury Car

A modern luxury car is another choice where you can’t go wrong.




8. A Tractor

We’ve shot a few farm weddings. Arriving by tractor is a great option for a rural wedding.



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