Here at The Little Photo Firm we love how every wedding is unique.

We’ve shot lots of awesome weddings and everyone does theirs a little differently.

Whether silly or beautiful, there could be something here that fits with your style!


1. Bespoke clothing hangers are a lovely personal touch and a great souvenir from your big day.


2. These presentation boxes are a lovely way to give flowers to your bridesmaids.


3. And these for jewellery!


4. Signs can help guests find their way to the party!


5. Messages on wooden hearts are a cute way for your guests to leave their well wishes.


6. Beautiful decorations can greet your guests at the venue.


7. These hessian signs are a great way to identify your tables.


8. And the flowers can match your hair!


9. Retro cassette-themed cards are a great way to gather song requests for a DJ.


10. Your venue will often decorate your room, so it can be good to see how the ceremony room looks when it’s all kitted out.


11. Your top table can have some beautiful details.


12. And lovely flowers.


13. Balloons with ribbons look great (and are something fun for kids to mess about with!)


14. You can commemorate the date with a display of your own style.


15. If you’re handing out fancy dress, make sure you don’t forget your own!


16. Wedding favours can incorporate cake!


17. And hot chocolate!


18. Unified bouquets look amazing for your bridesmaids.


19. Illuminated love signs can look great in the ceremony and as part of the dancefloor.


20. There’s no way the best man can lose these!


21. A wreath can be a gorgeous addition to your decoration.


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