Whether you’re stuck for inspiration, or you just love drooling over things, you can enjoy these amazing cake ideas.


1. Cut your cake with a sword!

These pictures are from Ben and Sam’s Hazlewood Castle Wedding.

The tradition at this wedding venue is to cut the cake with a medieval sword (much like knights did back in the day.)


It makes for a great photo opportunity…


And it’s great if you want to stop anyone else getting a piece.


Of course, it helps if your cake is gorgeous as well.

Here are a few pictures we took earlier in the day:


2. An engraved knife

This is a bit less exciting/dangerous but it’s lovely memento that you can keep after the day:



3. Cup Cakes

These can be part of any dressing and decorations that you create. This display was from Shannon and Kaylum’s wedding at Mansfield Manor.

Plus they’re great for your guests to grab during the day, or even when they come off the dancefloor. 


You can customise them with your own designs.

The toppings can be things that are meaningful to you and your loved ones:


And you can still have a main cake to cut.

This picture is from Simon and Lisa’s wedding at Singleton Lodge:


4. Keep it fresh and natural

Adding fruit helps your guests get some of their five a day. (And turns your cake into a healthy, low-calorie treat!)

This was from Eloise and Chris’s farm wedding:


This was another from the same wedding, which continues the theme of natural produce:


This was another ace example from Danny and Rebecca’s amazing Bagden Hall Wedding:


And here are these gorgeous guys cutting it:


5. Extra Cakes

A great way to enhance any cake is by adding additional ones.


The image below was from Dulcie and Jeff’s amazing wedding at Sandhole Oak Barn

They had a beautiful cake but notice the companion cake-pops, just to keep it company.


The designs are amazing too:


6. Flowers

Who would have thought?

But yes, it’s true, flowers on a wedding day make things look pretty.

This cake is an elegant classic, from Ryan and Jessica’s wedding at Windy Harbour.



7. Toppers

There are so many creative options you can choose for cake toppers.

This romantic pair were from Kelly and David’s wedding at The Huntstman, Holmfirth:


And a little baby duck, for their beautiful daughter:


You can incorporate your pets as well (from Wendy and Rob’s Welsh seaside wedding🙂

Plus any films that you love:


8. Your life on the cake

If you love any hobbies or sports you can also incorporate them.

The images below are from Chris and Ruth’s wedding reception in Silverdale village hall

They enjoy lots of adventurous activities, and their cake reflects that:

Including mountain biking and rock-climbing:


9. All chocolate. All the time.

This pair were from Ben and Coral’s Hebden Bridge Wedding:


10. Cake in disguise

This seems pretty straightforward doesn’t it?
A lovely cake with nothing out of the ordinary.

Wrong! This amazing creation harbours a secret: it’s a football fan (just like the groom!)


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