Wedding Guides

Wedding Guides

The links below are tips for planning your wedding, plus other stuff from our blog.

They’ll hopefully be interesting for arranging your big day, or seeing more about us.

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* Wedding tips

Useful articles about planning your wedding.

* Types of wedding photos

Every wedding day is unique.

So don’t feel that there’s any recipe that you need to follow for your day.

But, if you’ve no idea what your photos will be like, then these are some examples of the common moments of the day.

We’ll always document what’s happening in front of us. We love trying to find the little stories that are happening in and around the main events. But we’ll always capture these big moments as well!

* Wedding Venues

A quick guide to a few venues that we’ve shot at. Check out the portfolio pages for more examples of venues.

* Photo Stories

A few of our favourite images, sometimes with a bit of info about why we love the shot, or what inspired us.

* Video Links

A few video slideshows that we’ve made for adverts etc.

* News

Everything else (Covid announcements, wedding fair appearances etc.)