This is a chance to capture the laughs and good times while you’re getting ready for the big day.

These pictures can cover the excitement and anticipation of this unique moment, which takes place so early in the day.

They are often documentary-style, showing the process of getting ready, along with visits from loved ones. They can show any unique traditions that you may have with your friends and family.

Then, as people get closer to being ready, the picture style can switch over to slightly more posed shots if you want, with everyone dressed up (but usually still larking about!)

If you have two partners getting ready at different locations then you can consider two photographers for this part of the day.

Or if both groups are nearby then one can switch between them.

Your photographer can have a chat about timings if this sounds like what you want.

Of course not everyone has prep photos; some start their coverage when they arrive at the venue; some wait until they’ve finished their makeup, and some start with everyone still in their pyjamas!