This image was taken right at the end of the photoshoot, before we all headed home.

The sun was getting low in the sky and I was hoping to catch it coming through the upright trees behind.

There were loads of people around that evening- playing football, waking their dogs etc. (The location was Middleton Park in Leeds.)

We spent a bit of time walking round and chatting while we found a quiet spot to take some pictures.

The bright sun meant that we had to find some spots that were a good mix of shade with a bit of sunlight thrown in.

I really like how relaxed these guys were towards the end of the shoot.

An engagement shoot normally takes about an hour. The first twenty minutes are normally just when we are feeling a bit awkward and just relaxing into each others’ company.

Then we start to settle into it and, combined with looking at the pictures on the back of the camera, we get confident that we’re all happy with the pictures we’re creating.

If you would like to arrange a couples shoot just get in touch x